things could get blurry, here is some clarity:

Am I going to get drunk off these little things?!

If you have a shitty tolerance, the odds are not in your favor my friend. Depending on the flavor, there can be up to a full shot of liquor per cupcake. So when we say indulge responsibly, we mean it! - Please note: We do also fully comply with the New York state regulations on alcohol content.

"it's my wedding/bridal shower/birthday/ divorce party/baby shower/break-up/girls night out – can you do special decorations for me??"

Please, say less. We provide all kinds of customization on cupcakes & macarons: HBD messages, custom writing and initials, little hearts for your wedding, tears for your break up – you name it! PS: Divorce party cupcakes come with a heavy pour of liquor…on us.

"I fk'ed up with my girlfriend and have to make things right – do you provide custom gift-card messages??"

Nothing says I'm sorry like some boozy dessert. However, for all the words our desserts cannot say – we absolutely can provide a special customized message with your order.

My favorite cocktail isn't part of your menu – can you create a special order for me?

Absolutely! For larger orders, we're happy to customize flavors for you. However – if you're looking for a plain-Jane red velvet cupcake, this isn't the place to get it.

Do you have an order minimum?

Minimum order is one dozen, and we do one flavor per dozen. (12 cupcakes or 12 macarons!)

"Everyone says 'alcohol bakes off' - does this happen to your cup---"

It's time for you to get cut off (not off liquor). We do not bake with alcohol. In fact, it's infused in after, as well as found in all our fillings & buttercreams. We may be drunk, but we are not stupid!

"I'm still on my hot-girl-summer flow- do you have nutritional info available??"

Girl, dessert calories don't count. However, nutritional information is available upon request.