Enjoy our signature classic flavors in the comfort (and safety) of your own home! For a limited time, we're offering our 'Cupcakes & Cocktails' Jars for delivery throughout the North-East.  Each order comes with four uniquely designed Cocktail Recipes, allowing you to re-use your jars to make our delicious cocktails! These are perfect for any celebration or even something as simple as a family game night.


Each glass mason jar is 8 ounces. Minimum order quanity is 4 jars. 

Cupcakes & Cocktails Jars

  • Classic Margarita - Hit the floor with our most popular flavor. Lime infused sponge cake, layered with mint tequila jam & tequila blanco whipped cream, garnished with white chocolate & classic sprinkles.

    Adult B-day Cake - We really wanted to name this B-day S*x but marketing could've gotten tricky. Vodka infused vanilla sponge cake, layered with vodka whipped cream and edible boozy cookie dough chunks (yes, read that twice) with milk & white chocolate chips.

    Whisky Business - Chocolate lovers , I got you.  Whisky infused brownie, layered with boozy chocolate mousse & chocolate fudge. And of course - those edible boozy cookie dough chunks. 

    Rosé All Day - We're basic all year round with this one.  Raspberry sponge cake, layered with fresh Rosé infused raspberries & Roséwhipped cream, garnished with white chocolate & classic sprinkles. (yassss, girl)

    I'm not drooling, you're drooling.  All flavors contain liquor, must be 21+ to order and enjoy.  Indulge Responsibly!